Photograph by Alessia Ambrogio

Photograph by Alessia Ambrogio

Pirouette Press

Pirouette Press is an independent letterpress & graphic design studio in Piedmont Italy. 

Pirouette aims at something beautiful and well executed for every client or project. In the studio, research and footwork go into finding the finest quality materials to work with. Paper choice (artisanal European paper mills and American choice cotton), vegetable based ink and recycled and sustainable materials are preferred. 

Roxy Columbus 

Iā€™m a graphic designer with a flair for a creative lifestyle. My formal education began in Austin, Texas and continued when I relocated to Italy. My love for print and design moved me to specialize in the wonderfully tactile medium letterpress. I continue to grow a small but happy studio which houses a Vandercook and two platen  presses.

When I'm not in the studio you can find me playing with my baby girl, outdoors, listening to my favorite podcasts or in the kitchen. I live with my very kind and helpful husband who sometimes makes me cool stuff.  



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