Another Little Pretty Italian Village

Over the weekend the village fair Non Solo Erbe in Sale San Giovanni had its 12th edition in the Alta Langhe region. It’s a fair mostly dedicated to medicinal and aromatic plants like fennel, helichrysum and sage to name a few and fields of lavender (does Provence come to mind). I picked up a few plants as I typically do and blueberries being sold by local farmers.


Alta Langhe is not famous like the better known Langhe for wine but instead for cheese, nuts and authentic villages. Along the foot path of this little gem leading to the top, you get glimpses along the way of architectural design like these iron studs on a door and its winged handle-contrasting the color and texture of the wall. Bella Italia!


We have several cherry tress in our garden and as much as we like to pick them straight off the tree to eat, my go to are rustic pies. Once at home, I decided to try Clafoutis with the blueberries I had bought, a southern French custard like desert. Curious about the origins, I learned that Flaugnarde is what I was more accurately making having opted for blueberries instead of un-pitted black cherries. Either way, buon appetito!

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